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About Us

Lipani Skincare is a health-conscious brand always striving to find new ways to bridge the gap between Health & Beauty.


Lipani Skincare was founded by Krystel Lipani in 2013.  Lipani created the brand out of sheer necessity.  She found herself struggling to find skincare products that suited her ultra sensitive skin!  After several years of experimenting with different ingredients, she produced a line that is both gentle on her skin and effective at protecting and preserving it!

Lipani is an avid health and wellness advocate and is proud to offer YOU paraben free skincare solutions.

Your skin is your largest organ. 


It is the ‘armor’ that protects your body against harmful elements that come into contact with your skin on a daily basis. 


Shouldn’t you pay attention to what you use on your skin?

Lipani Skincare also recognizes that if you are leading a healthy lifestyle, it will show through your skin!  That is why Lipani started a blog called ‘Where Health Meets Beauty’.  Here, you will find weekly Health & Beauty Tips that help ensure your skin is performing to its best potential! 

Lipani Skincare is your go-to resource for all things Health & Beauty!

Lipani Skincare Stores

Lipani Skincare operates mostly online.  You can purchase your skincare HERE, anytime, day or night! 


We also love to be involved in our community and do so by setting up occasional pop-up shops at local Vancouver, BC {and surrounding area} venues. 


To find out when and where our next Pop-Up will be, click here!


Lipani Skincare is keen on working with other brands for the purpose of cross promoting. 


If you want to partner with us, please feel free to send us your ideas at, using the subject line ‘Collaborate with Me’. 

Stay Connected!

Lipani Skincare is big on building a community of like-minded, health-conscious individuals! 


Let’s stay healthy and beautiful TOGETHER!  Follow us on Instagram.