1. Using Dry Shampoo Too Often
    If you’re like most girls, you try and stretch in between hair washes for as long as possible. However, if you’re using dry shampoo on a daily basis, as a substitute for washing your hair, it can start becoming a problem. Overuse of dry shampoo causes your hair follicles to become clogged and irritated. When this happens, your body tries to fix this by triggering an increase in sebum production. This defeats the purpose of using dry shampoo. Your goal is to reduce oiliness, not increase it! It’s best to save the dry shampoo for the occasional ‘emergency’ situation rather than relying on it for regular day-to-day use.
  2. Rubbing Your Wet Hair With A Towel
    When you come out of the shower, your number one goal is to get your hair dry, quickly! What’s the first thing you do, without thinking twice about it? You grab that towel and start rubbing your hair and scalp vigorously to try and get as much water out as possible. This technique is certainly effective at drying your hair more quickly; however, you’re achieving these results at the expense of your poor hair! Eeek. Rubbing your hair and scalp in that fashion damages your hair cuticles, causing frizz, tangles, and hair breakage!
  3. Masking the Smell of Self Tanner with Perfume
    Yes, that dreaded self tanner smell… The scent seems to permeate every room of the house the minute you get home! What’s a girl to do? Don’t even think about spritzing on some perfume to mask the smell – unless you’re planning on going as Shrek for Halloween! It’s true; certain fragrances react with the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) in self tanners and can temporarily turn your skin green. If you plan on wearing perfume, it’s best to wait at least 6 hours after self tanning to prevent this chemical reaction to occur.
  4. Applying Concealer Before Eyeshadow
    Always apply concealer after doing your eye makeup! If you had applied your concealer on first, you would have noticed some eyeshadow particles fall beneath your eyes as you were doing your eye makeup. Applying concealer afterwards can clean up any eye makeup residue that may have fallen under your eyes so that you will end up with a flawless look!
  5. Skipping Primer Before Applying Eyeshadow
    Priming your eyelids is really important, especially if you want your eye makeup look to remain intact throughout the entire day. Oily skin, humidity, and sweat can cause your eye makeup to crease! Primer ensures that your eyeshadow stays put and prevents it from creasing. Prepping your eyelids with primer will also make your eyeshadow colors pop and appear more pigmented!
  6. Using the Wrong Cleanser
    If your face is red or feels tight or tingly after you’ve cleansed, you’re probably using the wrong cleanser. Face scrubs, cleansing brushes, and abrasive cleansing pads can strip away your skin’s oily protective layer. If your skin is becoming dry or irritated, opt for a mild cleansing milk that will soothe your skin rather than aggravate the situation.
  7. Using Alcohol-Based Toner
    Some toners contain alcohol, which can be extremely drying on the skin. To prevent your skin from becoming dry, choose an alcohol-free formula.
  8. Using Mineral Oil-Based Moisturizer
    There are numerous moisturizers that claim to hydrate your skin. However, if your moisturizer contains mineral oil, it won’t even penetrate your skin. It will only seal in whatever moisture exists by creating a superficial barrier on your skin. Because mineral oil is considered an occlusive agent, meaning it blocks everything from penetrating your pores, it won’t allow any moisture back into your skin. This is why you’re better off choosing a moisturizer that contains moisture-binding ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.
  9. Working Out With a Full Face of Makeup On
    You want to look cute while working out. We get ya! But getting your sweat on with a full face of makeup is probably not the best idea. Just think about all the bacteria mixing with your makeup and sinking into your skin. That sounds like the perfect way to end up with clogged pores. It’s best to save your makeup looks for post workout activities. If you must wear makeup to feel confident at the gym, choose a tinted moisturizer versus a heavy foundation.
  10. Sleeping on Your Side or Your Stomach
    Sleeping on your side or your stomach might be your most comfortable position, however your skin would say otherwise. When you’re constantly applying pressure on your face, you risk creating creases that can overtime develop into permanent wrinkles. Train yourself to sleep on your back if possible. Sleeping on your back will also prevent neck strain, so your body will thank you also!