Skin Types and Best Foods to Eat for Each Type

Normal Skin

• Pores are hardly noticeable • Little to no imperfections • No severe sensitivity • Complexion is healthy and radiant Best Foods to Eat: Yams & carrots – their high Vitamin A & C content help repair skin damage and prevent wrinkles Olive oil & coconut oil – these healthy fats keep your skin hydrated and soft

Dry/Mature Skin

• Pores are not noticeable • Skin may be red, patchy, or flaky • Skin elasticity is lost • Skin is susceptible to wind, sun and heat damage • Lines and wrinkles are more visible • Complexion is rough and dull Best Foods to Eat: Nuts – its protein content supports collagen production Quinoa – the lysine found in quinoa repairs your skin Salmon, avocado, flax seeds – healthy Omega 3’s found in these foods reduce inflammation and help maintain your skin’s moisture Cucumbers, melon, lettuce, zucchini – the water content of these foods help your skin stay hydrated Oysters, pumpkin seeds, seafood, beans – these rich sources of zinc help repair your skin

Oily/Acne Prone Skin

• Pores are enlarged • Blemishes • Pimples and/or blackheads • Complexion is dull or shiny Best Foods to Eat: Apricots, carrots, mango, papaya, squash and pumpkin – all of these Vitamin A rich foods reduce inflammation and repair skin damage Lemon juice – its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties help clear up acne

Combination Skin

• Pores are overly enlarged • Blackheads • Shiny skin • Oily T-section • Complexion is dull or shiny Best Foods to Eat: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage - cruciferous foods are rich in Vitamin C which assists in collagen production and reduces inflammation Oats – the zinc content helps heal and repair your skin quickly

Sensitive Skin

• Red/irritated skin • Itchy • Burning • Dry • Complexion is red Best Foods to Eat: Avocados – these are rich in Omega-9 fatty acids which reduce redness & irritation and soothe the skin Greens such as spinach, broccoli, kale – these alkalizing foods neutralize acids that cause skin inflammation