Of course, it’s that time of the month when your hormones are out of whack and your skin starts to act up! You’ve got this girls’ night out planned, but you’re considering cancelling because, well, this monstrosity of a pimple is glaring back at you and you’re positive that ‘THAT’ is all everyone will notice.

Don’t sweat it, girl! We’ve got you covered (pun intended)!

7 Types of Pimples and How to Cover Them Up!

  1. Whiteheads
    It’s best to always start off will a cleansed face. You want to make sure any excess oils or bacteria are washed away before you start applying makeup. Whiteheads can be a bit tricky to cover up since they are raised and smooth. A concealer that is too thin and watery will just slide off the area you’re trying to cover, and that will only draw more attention to your pimple. Opt for a thicker concealer with a putty-like consistency. Now, using the smallest brush you can find (an eyeliner brush works well), start spackling that little monster! With your fluffy powder brush, set the concealer using powder foundation in the shade that matches your skin tone. Avoid using translucent powder as it may make your whitehead appear shiny!
  2. Blackheads
    Blackheads are somewhat easier to cover since the surface of your skin is not raised. You’ll want to use a full coverage liquid foundation as a base. If blackheads still peek through, you spot treat using liquid concealer and a precise eyeliner brush. To set the concealer, finish by dusting the area with powder foundation.
  3. Cystic Acne
    Cystic acne can be quite frustrating to deal with. Not only is the skin raised, it is also red and PAINFUL. You’ll want to apply some ice to the affected area to bring down some of the swelling. Next, you want to use a light coverage foundation. A tinted moisturizer will even out your skin tone and provide some coverage, but won’t emphasize the large raised area on your face.
  4. Red Pimple
    So you’ve picked at the little bugger (we’re not judging!), and now it’s angry-looking! It’s time to bring out the emergency kit! To cancel out the redness, you will need to apply green primer or concealer directly onto your pimple. Then, apply yellow-based concealer onto your pimple. Be sure to blend out the edges to flawlessly transition between your blemish and the healthy skin surrounding it. You can finish with a light dusting of powder foundation, but do so sparingly. You don’t want to end up with a cakey appearance!
  5. Dry Pimple
    So you’ve used salicylic acid or some other over the counter pimple treatment on your skin. The pimple has dried up, but it’s still THERE! How do you go about hiding this flakey mess? Here’s the trick! Using sterilized tweezers, gently tear off the dry flakey bits. Next, you’ll want to hydrate that area using an oil-free skincare product. Aloe vera gel is a great choice! It’s soothing and hydrating too! Now you’re ready to conceal! A concealer with a thin watery consistency (you know, the one you apply with a wand) is your best choice. Set the concealer with a dusting of powder foundation to finish!
  6. Scabbed Over Pimple
    The final stage of a pimple can be the most difficult to take care of. The rough scaly surface of a scab is nearly impossible to hide. The best you can do is try to match it to your skin tone. To do so, start by using a white concealer to “white out” the dark. Then, finish off with a concealer the same shade as your skin. The raised bumpy skin will still be noticeable, but it won’t be the main focus!
  7. Used-to-be Pimple
    The pimple is gone, but it still leaves its trace! It’s going to take some time for the scarring to fade, but in the meantime, you can use a mineral powder foundation to even out your skin tone. The great thing about mineral powder foundation is that it’s buildable! You can layer it until you’ve obtained desired coverage!

Bonus Tips:
If you suffer from acne, choose mattifying products as they absorb excess oils and hide any bumpiness. Avoid shimmery finishes, such as highlighting powders, as they will draw attention to uneven blemished skin.

If your pimple is large enough that it casts a shadow, you can try this optical illusion trick to deter any unwanted attention. Apply a light colored concealer beneath your pimple. Then set it with a powder so it stays in place!