Lash extensions are all the rave right now, and knowing how to care for your lashes before and after application is an absolute must! Lash extensions are a tad bit high maintenance, admittedly, but a little extra attention will ensure that these luxury enhancements last as long as possible till your next fill.

Before Your Lash Extension Appointment

DO: Research to find a reputable lash artist who is certified to apply eyelash extensions. DO: Consult with your lash artist to determine which lash pattern will give you your desired look. DO: Remove all eye makeup using an oil free make-up remover prior to your appointment. This will ensure the eyelash extension adhesive adheres to your natural lashes with the strongest bond possible. Any make-up residue or oil will dissolve the glue. DO: Remove your contact lenses before the lash application begins. Your eyes must remain closed during the entire procedure, so you won’t be able to open your eyes if they start getting dry or irritated. DON’T: Curl your eyelashes before your appointment. Your eyelashes must remain flat for the glue to have the greatest surface area to bond to. DON’T: Use mascara or any oil based products on (or around) your eye area. Any oil will break the bond and prevent the faux lashes from adhering to your own natural lashes, thus causing your {expensive} lash hairs to fall out!

Eyelash Enhancement Aftercare

DO: Gently comb your lashes out and reshape them after you shower. Fan them out to air dry or use a blow dryer (at arm’s length away) on the cool setting to set them in place. DO: Use water based mascara ONLY! Other mascaras will damage the bond between your real lashes and the false lash tips. DO: Use water based serum or conditioner to strengthen your natural lashes. Strong lashes provide greater support for the extensions and helps your own lashes stay in the follicle longer, therefore extending the lash cycle and reducing the frequency for fills. DO: Get a fill every 2-3 weeks to maintain luscious full lashes. DON’T: Let shampoo, conditioner, or face creams touch your lashes. These products might contain oils that will loosen the eyelash bond. DON’T: Get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after your application. The water will reactivate the adhesive and may cause your lashes to clump together (that equals to time and money down the drain).