A spa day is always a nice treat, but the cost and inconvenience might limit you from indulging as often as you’d like. Luckily, you have an easy and cheap alternative when it comes to pampering your skin. At-home steam facials are very simple to do and your skin can reap the benefits from doing so once per week.

Benefits of Steam Facials

  1. Detoxify – Steam opens up your pores, stimulates perspiration, & allows toxins to be released.
  2. Deliver nutrients and oxygen – Heat dilates your blood vessels which improves blood circulation necessary to transport vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin tissues.
  3. Soften dead skin cells – Moisture from the steam softens up excess build up of dead skin cells and permits natural exfoliation to reveal a new layer of supple skin underneath.
  4. Free trapped dirt, oil, & bacteria – Heat expands your pores and allows impurities to escape.
  5. Make skin glow – Increased blood flow brings more oxygen to your face and gives you a radiant complexion.

At-Home Methods to Steam your Face

  1. Facial Steamer – You can choose to buy an at-home facial steamer from your local retailer. These are quite inexpensive and easy to use with less chances of burning yourself. This is your safest option.
  2. Hot Towel – Another method you can use is by soaking a face cloth or face towel in hot water, wringing it out, and holding it up to your face for a few minutes. This technique is a bit trickier as you have to ensure the towel cools down prior to applying to your face. If the towel is too hot, you could burn your skin.
  3. Hot Water Bowl – This last technique is cheap and can be very effective if done correctly. Simply boil a pot of water and pour it into a glass bowl. Then, drape a towel over your head and hold your face about 12-14 inches away from the bowl, holding the towel so as to trap the steam. Do so for about 5-7 minutes. Do not lean in too close, as you can easily get a steam burn. This method is the most unsafe, so you must be prudent.


*Do not lean closer than 12 inches away from the steam bowl as you may burn yourself and scar your skin. *If you have severe acne or other serious skin condition, please consult your physician prior to doing an at-home steam facial. *It is not recommended to do steam facials more than once per week. Whichever method you choose to steam your face, just remember to finish off by patting your skin dry and applying face cream. Your clean, dilated pores are now capable of absorbing more of your favorite moisturizer, so take advantage of this. It is the optimal time to hydrate your skin and seal in the moisture!