Step by Step Eyebrow Tweezing

  1. Disinfect and cleanse tweezers using isopropyl alcohol to remove any make-up residue and bacterial build-up.
  2. Cleanse face to remove any dirt and oil on your skin.
  3. Hold a warm wash cloth up to your face for one minute to allow your pores to open up.
  4. Draw an outline of your desired brow shape using a soft eyebrow pencil.
  5. Pluck any hairs that are outside your outline.
  6. Brush eyebrows straight up and trim any long hairs.
  7. Shade in any sparse areas using an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than your own eyebrow color. An overly dark brow pencil will make you appear clownish.
  8. Dab toner on the skin around your brows using a cotton swab after plucking is complete. This helps tighten your pores back up. Only use alcohol free toner to avoid burning and irritation to your skin.
  9. Use aloe vera gel to soothe skin if necessary.

Eyebrow Tweezing Dos & Don’ts!

  1. Do pluck after a steamy hot shower. Your pores will soften and open up for an easier plucking session.
  2. Don’t use your magnifying mirror. Plucking under the microscope often leads to over-plucking! Instead, opt for a well-lit room (natural light is the best) and a clean mirror. Pluck one hair at a time and take a step back after each extraction to ensure you don’t end up plucking too many hairs. It’s easy to get carried away. Less (plucking) is more!
  3. Don’t pluck too many hairs in between your brows! You will create the illusion of a larger nose and also make it appear as if your eyes are set too far apart. That’s not exactly the look you are going for (we hope)! Your eyebrows should start where the bridge of your nose begins (line up a pencil on either side of your nose if you need a visual).
  4. Do choose the correct type of tweezers. We recommend the slanted sharp ones. They grab short stray hairs quickly without pinching the skin!
  5. Don’t use square tip tweezers! They tend to rip out too many hairs and may cause ingrown hairs and/or scarring!
  6. Do replace your tweezers if/when they get dull.
  7. Do pluck in the direction the hair grows.
  Comment below to let us know if any of these tips were helpful!