You’ve indulged in all the scrumptious foods and celebrated hard over your holiday break, and now it’s back to reality – the aftermath, if you will; something you probably would like to avoid altogether. That incessant flow of food and alcohol has really put a strain on your vital bodily functions, and your skin is paying for it!

It is due time for a detox – a skin detox, that is!

New Year, New You Skin Detox Plan!

  1. Drink {more} Water – Swap out that alcoholic bevy for a fancy water bottle. Your skin is no doubt dehydrated from all that social drinking that’s been going on for the past few weeks. It’s time to rehydrate and help flush out those toxins from your body. For an added health boost, toss a few lemon wedges into your water.
  2. Cut Out Junk Food! – It’s pretty hard to quit cold turkey since junk food is probably all you’ve been consuming these past few weeks, but it has to be done! Junk food can cause hormonal imbalances that trigger acne breakouts. So eliminate the sweet treats and fatty foods from your fridge and pantry. They are simply unnecessary temptations.
  3. Eat Fiber – It’s likely that with all the holiday treats going around, your fiber intake has drastically decreased. Eating foods high in fiber will help your body naturally eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your system. Load up on those veggies!!
  4. Exercise – Yep, put that New Year’s resolution on double duty! Exercise will help you lose weight and clear up your skin’s complexion too! Sweating helps your body eliminate impurities and increases blood flow; both of which help improve your skin’s appearance!
  5. Dry Brush – The cold weather snap you’ve recently experienced has surely dried out your skin. Dry brushing rids your body of dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull. It also helps stimulate blood flow to renew skin cells and improve overall complexion.
  6. Do a Steam Facial – Because the air is drier during the winter months, it’s a great idea to do an at-home steam facial. This will open up your pores and help loosen up impurities. The steam will also help your skin soak up moisture and reduce dryness. Remember to moisturize your skin after doing your facial so you can seal in that moisture!
  7. Hit Up the Sauna – Your body eliminates many of its toxins through perspiration. If your skin is looking lackluster, a session in the sauna will help your body eliminate toxic waste and help you regain your youthful glow!
  8. Detox Your Pores – A mineral mud mask serves as a wonderful detox treatment for your skin. Not only will a face mask remove impurities from your skin, it will also soften it.
  9. Incorporate Collagen Boosting Ingredients into Your Skincare Routine! – With the holidays comes sugary foods, and sugar is a main culprit in the breakdown of your skin’s collagen – aka, the building blocks that make up your skin! When collagen breaks down, your skin begins to sag and wrinkles start to appear. You might not think about it, but the holiday season can take a huge toll on your skin! You need to repair the damage you’ve incurred!
    When buying skincare, look for products containing hyaluronic acid and peptides; both of which help boost collagen production so your skin can rejuvenate itself!
  10. Get Back on Your Regular Sleep Schedule – Ahhh, yes! Those late nights are finally catching up to you! Poor sleeping habits wreak havoc on your skin. During sleep, your skin cells repair and regenerate. Lack of sleep interrupts these processes and can speed up the aging process. Once the holidays are over, it’s important you get back on your regular sleep routine ASAP so you can start waking up looking refreshed!

Here’s to having great skin in 2019!
Happy New Year to you!!